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Litical Solutions was formed in 2011 to elevate integrated client communication campaigns that  absolutely needed to be effective across multi-disciples. Is your digital messaging well connected with that of your public relations or advertising?


Since that time, we have led countless successful, inspiring, brand-building, and award-winning client campaigns.


Plan to launch a radio, television, digital advertising, or even print campaign? In the modern messaging world, all of your communications assets need to be in-tune.


We've worked with countless clients across the nation, providing the tools and strategies to most effectively share their messages on the most powerful print, broadcast, digital, and social media platforms in the market.


Our team offers personalized, hands-on service to our clients, no matter the scope or size of the project. We share a vision with our clients and treat each and every project with the attention to detail it deserves. Why? Because it's critical to our clients success. It's our secret formula to achieving impactful results and client relationships that carry on.


To work with Litical, Contact Us. 212-685-4600 ;

or via email: 

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