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Our broadcast campaigns not only get the messaging out, they get the audience’s attention. Our campaigns air on highly-rated programs and stations or even via direct to consumer streaming services.  This assures our client’s brand is front of mind and the center of any topical discussion. 


 If a picture is worth a thousand words, consider the value of quality video and commercial production with a clear call to action 



Podcasts are an optimal way to reach a wide or targeted audience with a long-form, talk radio styled approach. 

Want to also produce these segments for video... we've done it many times before with great results.


TV & radio ads are ideal for reaching a broader consumer audience necessitating clear branding, messaging, and a call to action. 

Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association 30 Second Public Service Announcement
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Greater New York Automobile Dealers :30 Public Service Announcement

$27 a Day
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Uniformed Firefighters Association :60 TV Commercial - $27 a Day

Radio Ads

NYC G.O. Bonds 2019 Radio Ad

Campaign for the Comptroller of the City of New York for the issuance of $980 million in bonds.

Partiot Bank 25th Anniversary

 Patriot Bank marks its 25th anniversary. 

Partiot Bank SBA Loans

Promotion of Patriot Bank small business lending division. 

NY Energy Minute with Kathryn Wylde

The NY Energy Minute with Kathryn Wydle, President, Partnership for New York City. 

NY Energy Minute with Richard Anderson.m

The NY Energy Minute with Richard Anderson, President, New York Building Congress.

Second Hand Smoke Kills

“Second Hand Smoke Kills” radio campaign for the Uniformed Firefighters Association of New York addresses toxicity and work hazards of New York's Bravest. 


Campaign to save New York City firehouses from threatened budget closures helped sway public opinion.

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Litical Solutions and our 40 Lex Studios offers podcast production capabilities for our clients to reach targeted audiences. Our clients' shows can be heard via Apple, Spotify, Google, and other popular platforms. We make the process seamless.

Beyond the Set.JPG

Producer Peter Saraf joined the Beyond the Set NY Podcast to discuss his long career working in television, including with iconic actors such as Tom Hanks and Steve Carell. Peter also shared his memories of a New York before the tax credit came into existence, and what he sees coming next for the industry post Covid-19.

Mike Fantasia, President of the Location Managers Guild International (LMGI), joined the podcast to discuss the newly minted partnership between NYPA and the LMGI. He also discussed his long career, including getting his start via a chance encounter with director Steven Spielberg in Montana while working as Park Ranger. Mike also gets into his involvement with Teamsters Local 399 and how he sees the industry recovering from COVID-19.

Bell Effect.JPG

The 1975 AT&T/New York Telephone Company fire was a catastrophic event in New York. The setting is the East Village in Manhattan, in the middle of a harsh winter in 1975. A major telephone company building located at Second Ave and 13th Street erupts into flames and burns for more than 28 hours. This is the story of one of New York Telephone Company's employees over the following months.

Special Counsel to the Association of BellTel Retirees Edward Stone discusses retirement security. …Over the last 8 years, $141 billion has been transferred from blue chip American companies, to insurance investment vehicles... and you are the ones that have to live with something different than what you were promised, in terms of a pension.

Generation 9.11.JPG

Active duty FDNY paramedic Elizabeth Bonilla, who is serving on the medical front lines in the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, details how her life has changed since the pandemic began. She goes into detail about her paramedic training with PPE and so much more. Listen in on this behind the scenes look at first responders dealing with one of the biggest medical impacts our city has ever faced.

Before the dust even settled on Lower Manhattan in the aftermath of 9/11, the streets and office buildings were filled with people whose job it was to prove that nothing could hold New York City and the rest of country back from making sure we were all getting back to work. …Richie discusses the importance of the Victim Compensation Fund and World Trade Center Health Programs and how those working in Financial Services on 9/11 can get the care they are entitled to.

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